Cherished Memories the Photos don’t let us forget

I have been lucky enough to have known 3 sets of my Great Grandparents and both sets of my Grandparents. As a child, I spent a lot of time with all of them. Especially during the holidays. My mother would make sure that we got to see and spend time with everyone. While at times it might have been a little crazy running from one place to another in one day, it was just what we did on the holidays. It was how we liked it.¬†Particularly, my mothers side of the family and to be specific my Gradmom Rita or “Memom” as we all lovingly referred to her. When we arrived at her house on the holidays we always went to the front door and rang the door bell instead of our regular bustling in the backdoor without even knocking. I guess it was our little way of being fancy. She would answer the door looking beautiful, always wearing an apron and greeting us with huge hugs. I can still smell her perfume from those hugs. She greeted all 14 of her Grandchildren that way and I know it made each one of us feel special.

Like any big Italian household on the holidays, the kitchen was overly occupied with too many cooks, the house filling with the most delicious smells and lots of conversation catching up with all of our cousins, aunts, uncles and of course Memom. It was just what we did on the holidays and it was wonderful.

Recently, I’ve had a hard time with the holidays. That house that my brothers and I would race to the door bell to see who could ring it first is now sold, the food will never taste the same and my beautiful Memom is no longer with us. So I choose to be really angry about it. I choose to dwell on the fact that my holidays will never be the same again. That when I have kids they will never be able to have the same experience that I had. They will never get to taste Memom’s cooking, be greeted by her huge hugs and most importantly, they will never get to know someone who meant so much to me and who I miss terribly.

It took me awhile to figure this out but I think that I finally did. It’s my turn. My turn to take the receipes that I used to watch my Grandmother make on the holidays and try to recreate them. It’s my turn to dress up and wear an apron and greet everyone as they come to my house. Although it will never be the same, I am thankful for all of those times that we did have together. I’m thankful that I had the best role model of not only how to be a great host for the holidays, but also how to be a strong woman who speaks her mind and knows that if I work hard I can achieve a lot. Most of all I am so thankful that I had a Grandmother that taught me about the importance of family and to cherish the times that we get to spend together.

The photos below are some of my favorites of Memom during the holidays and I wish that I had more. I rarely post personal things on my blog but I wanted to encourage all of you that as you spend time with your family and friends this holiday season, grab a couple of photos of everyone. If it’s on your iPhone, little point & shoot or DSLR it really doesn’t matter. Those snap shots one day will help you bring back some of the best memories and cherished times.





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