DECOR TRENDS – Spring 2012

There is no doubt in my mind that yellow is absolutely one of the trendiest colors this season! It seems like everywhere I go, I see a touch of yellow. I have always loved yellow. It is such a happy and cheery color. One of my design classes covered the psychology of color and we looked at how the brain interacts with different colors. It is amazing! Everyone knows that yellow is known as the “happy color” which is so true. What I found really interesting is that even above that highly important duty, yellow also encourages communication and stimulates memory! How cool is that? Yellow is so useful for so many things! This is why I love how it is such a popular factor in spring decor trends this season. It is such a clever color to incorporate into your home decor because it not only adds a cute little pop of color to what you have, but it also is cheery and even increases your metabolism (good for kitchen decor!). I noticed that yellow is often an accent color to a neutral of some sort. It really pops out and catches your attention in a subtle way. Take a look at some of the ways I found yellow incorporated in the newest design trends of Spring 2012.

Spring Decorating Trends

  1. I just adored these wall decorations! What I love even more is that they are DIY projects!! For the full tutorial, you can click here. However, if you have any artistic ability at all you should be able to follow these instructions: go to your local hardware store, pick up some ceiling medallions in the lighting department, paint them, and stick them on your wall. I just love the pop of color the yellow adds to the wall!
  2. This pom pom ribbon is so sweet. It is cool enough to sit by itself on a shelf and add some cozy charm or to create something lovely out of. Everyone needs some pom pom ribbon in their life! I saw this photo on one of my favorite blogs and am currently on the hunt for yellow pom poms!
  3. Here is another DIY project that I love! All you need is a wooden letter from the craft store and your favorite colored paint! I love adding an accent of yellow, so I would suggest yellow, but that’s the beauty of this project: you can make it you and make it work in your home. If you aren’t in the crafting mood but still want your own letter, you can order one on etsy here.
  4. You can add a little color to your bathroom this spring to dress it up! The little drops of yellow add such a cheery mood to the neutral bathroom decor that is already present. I found this cute bathroom on one of my favorite blogs. You can click here to see more from this blog on decorating with yellow.
  5. I also found this photo on the blog listed in #4. I just absolutely loved this photo. It really shows how just a little yellow can add so much. You can get these flowers at most flower shops. What I love about them is how long they last and how well they dry. You can use them for a really long time!
  6. I.LOVE.LEMONS. Aren’t they so great? In addition to making food taste better and my favorite drink on a summer day, they make great decorative pieces for your kitchen or dining room! Just stick some in a cute bowl and you are all set! This idea came from a blog I found done by a farmer’s wife (how cute, right?).
  7. Who doesn’t love frames? These yellow frames are to die for. The best part is that you can DIY this so easily! If you have frames laying around or even if you don’t, you can pick some up at a thrift store and paint them your favorite yellow hue. If you would like to see the full article on these frames, you can click here.
  8. This is a DIY project I have been wanting to try for a really long time. The pillow is adorable, but the headboard is what really caught my eye. You can accomplish this look with either a pallet or by nailing a bunch of planks together. Choose your favorite color (choose yellow!) and paint a word or even your name for a more personal touch. More detailed directions are here.
  9. Leave it to Martha to do it right! This is a great way to spruce up your current mantle. All you have to do is add some pretty yellow flowers and you are ready for spring! Here are more mantle ideas.
  10. My story board would for sure be incomplete without teacups. What says spring more than some pretty teacups? Just make sure you have a sweet little yellow one in there somewhere =).

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